interactive installation

Itteration 1
UdK Berlin
Sympoetic Sites 22

Inter-face” is mixed-media installation that elaborates new models of Human-Machine-Interaction by introducing collective lowtech communicational strategies in the technologically mediated environment. With the help of wearables, users come into a physical communication that triggers specific events in the digital realm. The efficient use of the interpersonal interfaces defines therefore the outcome of the interaction with the machine.

Holding and moving hands together enables the navigation in the 3D world that speculates on realistic representations of unrealistic scenarios, augmented with AI-generated graphics and spatial sounds. The actor in the build ecosystem is collective agency. Without user(s) the work won’t work. The goal of the work is therefore the dialogue: between users, machine and in-between

Itteration 2
Ars Electronica 22
Linz, Austria