Sacrifice 2023

aluminum, blood, pvc hoses,peristaltic pump
90 x 50 x 40 cm

Mapping out connections between queer goth theory, recreational medical practices, vampire lore and religious narratives, “Sacrifice” reflects upon the substance of blood in its material and symbolic potential to give and simultaneously take life. The project speculates on visions of procreation that translate the desire for immortality into kinships besides established binary axes of hetero-, chrono- and anthroponormative intimacy. Through the implementation of the artist’s own blood extracted with the help of their mother’s medical practice, the work emerges as a metaphorical act of queer childbirth and demonic sacrifice grasping the ambiguity between death drive and transgressive lust and reappropriating the concept of the vampire as an embodiment of queer resistance towards non-nuclear affiliations and alternative temporalities.

Sound: Marzanna Drowning
Leipziger str.61