Spatial Assemblage

with Julia Ziener, Kinan Sarakbi, Florian Porada, Melina Gentner, Louisa Fortwengel, Pablo Torres


Spatial Assemblage is an exploration of space as a process that emerges out of collective interaction. It inquires upon such interactions speculating on the question of collective memory which takes form through a geology of both physical and virtual natures. The installation comprises an encoded network of predisposed agents - ranging from plants and mushrooms, biolatex, to algorithms and human individuals - which have an assumably diverse nature, for which the network encompasses an exercise of translation towards potential interspecific communication methods. Each of the actors' languages or signals are thus encoded - sent, translated, received - and processed further throughout a network that leaves traces in the form of an ever evolving virtual geological artefact that represents its collective memory - consisting of both digital & analogue sources - that works as a medium and further source of interaction among the diverse actors. Spatial Assemblage reflects upon the ideas of heterarchical systems and indeterminacy, unfolding in a collective phenomenon that focuses on the complexity of inter-relational becomings. Furthermore, it reflects upon the degree in which a network designed and encoded by humans can move away from human-centred ontologies and explore the conditions under which horizontal forms of communication and collective agencies may take place.

UdK Berlin
Sympoetic Sites 22